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8-in-1 Creativity Made Simple Suite

All Working with the encompassing CreativityMadeSimple Suite ~ the applicable missing Links to your success recipe,Say “YES” to Yourself.


CreMaS Suite ~ 8-in-1 missing links to your success recipe. “Productivity Simplified” master listing, “MultiMediaTools” (MMT) master listing, “oTOOLS” master listing, “Creativity pivot to the Masterlist of LOA, Manifestation & Abundance” master listing, “ShineOn Productive” ECourse with a 5027 words script,”beCreative Framework Formula” eCourse with a 4984 words script, “Jumpstart Creativity” eCourse with a 3950 words script and “empowerTRUEself blueprint” eCourse with a 4907 words script.


+ Points:

•Easy to apply
•Step by Step techniques & applications
•Hands on activities to DO!
•Fingertip Information

•Available in MP4s, MP3s, PDFs, PPTs ,KEYNOTES

with sop 5027 words script + bcff  4984 words script + etsb 4907 words script + jc 3950 words script and a list of Converters too
•It is all accessible and downloadable from the membership area all the time
•Free ebooks on online business, copywriting & success
•30 days money back guarantee


After 5 years of doing our online business, let us guide you in your foray and help you succeed in it. Arming you with the much needed information & direction in doing so as soon as possible. We share it all here.


We start off with empowerTRUEself eCourse and get to know your blueprint in life. We go thru productivity simplified listing to be more motivated in everything we do & ShineOn Productive to solidify it more thoroughly. We take on beCreative Framework Formula to help inspire us how to churn out concepts with no fuzz and jumpstart creativity to motivate us further. We go thru multimedia tools and online tools to guide us online. And We get more by going thru “creativity pivot to the masterlist pf LOA, manifestations & abundance”


The result will make us inherently

ready and able to handle

all sorts of situations in life.


These are all good for your arsenal to arm you towards achieving your aims & goals.


“CreativityMadeSimple Suite” a very good investment of $47 dollars


A “major compleat SUITE” to success will be yours.


MOVE & do something …. invest in yourself.


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“A certificate on every eCourse will be issued once enrolled”

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CreMas suite eCourse


empower TRUE self blueprinte eCourse


Jumpstart Creativity eCourse


Multimedia Tool Listing


ShineOn Productive eCourse


Loa, Manifestation & Abundance 


Online Tools Listing


beCreative Framework Formula eCourse


productivity Simplified Listing 



“For starters ~I was not expecting the complete set to be so thorough and it was … a very pleasant surprise”

sandy boyle
– usa

” The listings are what works for me, i like it short”

mike corey
– australia

” I was just wondering why you gave ithe suite all away all in one go, thank you”

diego miranda
– brazil

” The productivity course is the key factor for me , the techniques when applied are extremely applicable”

claude haydon
– uk

“Its a great buy for the price, its worth it for the creativity & more”

mark son
– singapore

” I love the “knowing myself” module here, it really helped me”

leonore jenney
– Thailand



Making Your Sales Explode eBook
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Pay Per Click Marketing A to Z ebook
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Real Estate Investment Revealed eBook
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The 6 Best Converter Softwares eBook
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“Result may vary from person to person”



ConversionEquations24by24.PNG Conversion Equations eCourse justFlowSwitch24x24.PNG Earnings Online Blueprint eCourse earningsonlineblueprint24x24.PNG justFlow Switch eCourse MakingmoneyonlineListings24x24.png Making Money Online eCourse NonStopTrafficSwitch24x24.PNG Non-Stop Traffic Switch eCourse passiveincomerecipe24x24.PNG Passive Income Recipe eCourse stopProcastinationTemplate24x24.PNG stop Procastination eCourse multimediainfopublishing24x24.PNG Multimedia Infopublishing Formula eCourse viralMedia24x24.PNG Viral Media Decoded eCourse


CONTINUITY making simplified(CMS) AUDIO ( basic & teleseminar) making simplified TEXT ( story,article, eCourse & ebook) making simplfied SPEAKER (speech,presentation, eCourse & seminar) making simplified VIDEOS (basic & webinar) making simplified WEBSITE making simplified


2-in-1 "Be Creative Framework Formula!" Ecourse + "Multimedia Tools" Listing 2-in-1 "empowerTRUEself blueprint" eCourse & "Jumpstart Creativity" eCourse 2-in-1 "empowerTRUEself blueprint" eCourse & "beCreative Framework Formula" eCourse


3-in-1 "making money online game plan" +"non-stop Traffic switch" eCourses & "oTOOLs" lisitng 3-in-1 "beCreative Framework Formula" & " ShineOn Productive!" eCourses + "Productivity Simplified" Listing 3-in-1 "earnings online blueprint" + "non-stop traffic switch" eCourses & "oTOOLs" Listing 3-in-1 "ShineOn Productive!" Ecourse + "Productivity Simplified" & "oTOOLs" Listing 3-in-1 "Jumpstart Creativity" eCourse, "Productivity Simplfied" and "Multimedia Tools" listing


8-in-1 CreativityMadeSimple Suite 9-in-1 MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY SUITE


Conversion Equations Compact eCourse Earnings Online Blueprint Condensed eCourse JustFlow Switch Abstracted eCourse Making Money Online Game Plan Abridged eCourse Multimedia Infopublishing Made Easy eCourse Non-Stop Traffic Switch Truncated eCourse Passive Income Recipe Abbreviated eCourse stopProcastination Schema Streamlined eCourse viralMedia Concise eCourse

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